Three AC Power (ACP) Subsystems are available for use with the IRIS family of GPR systems, each supplying 110/220 VAC 60/50Hz to the system components. The ACP units are all solid state, DC/AC inverter based system with an output power of 2500, 1500 or 750 watts. The ACP-PPU is a power unit and transport cart for the IRIS-P.


The ACP2500 (PS-24-ACP2500) is a 2500 watt output AC power subsystem. The ACP 2500 was designed for vehicular installation and is powered by auxiliary storage batteries in combination with the vehicle alternator. This unit consists of two components: the PS-24IPU Inverter Power Unit, and the PS-24 ICU Inverter Control Unit. The Inverter Power Unit, is a self contained rack unit, housing the inverter and high current power busses with forced outside air ventilation to cool the internal components. The Inverter Control Unit provides input/output power controls, inverter and battery status indicators, and circuit breaker protection for all AC and DC circuits. The ICU is rack mounted for installation remote to the Inverter Power Unit. The ACP2500 is recommended for use with the IRIS or vehicular systems with larger AC power requirements.

  • 2500W output, 110/220VAC 60/50 Hz
  • Includes PS-24-IPU/ICU & auxiliary battery
  • Rack-mounted for permanent installation
  • Recommended for IRIS

Model ACP2500 AC Power Subsystem


The ACP1500 (PS24-ACP1500) ACP750 (PS24-ACP750) and ACP500 (PS24-ACP500) are low cost 1500, 750 and 500 watt output AC power subsystems, designed for both portable and vehicular use. They possess many of the same features as the ACP2500 but are contained in a transportable stand alone unit with all necessary front panel input/output power controls, inverter/battery status indicators and circuit breakers. ACP1500 & 750 include an internal storage battery. These power subsystems can also be connected to a vehicle battery for continuous system operation. Recommended for use with AC Powered IRIS.

  • 1500W or 750W or 500W output, 110/220VAC 60/50 Hz
  • Portable Unit
  • Recommended for IRIS (AC Powered Only)

Model ACP1500/ACP750 AC Power Subsystem

Model ACP500 AC Power Subsystem


The ACP-PPU is a low cost power source for the IRIS-P which provides both autonomous AC and DC power. The mobile ACP-PPU can be taken into the field and will operate with the IRIS-P for up to six continuous hours between internal battery recharge. The IRIS-P installs directly onto the ACP-PPU.

  • I350W output, 110/220VAC 60/50 Hz & 12VDC
  • Portable Unit
  • Recommended for IRIS-P

Model ACP-PPU Portable Unit (Shown with IRIS-P)