Penetradar has developed a method of using ground penetrating radar (GPR), infrared thermography (IRT) and video imaging for bridge deck surveys, which provides a cross correlation of the collected data, thus producing highly reliable results by detecting anomalies through the use of different technologies.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Penetradar’s High Performance IRIS GPR Technology is unique in the industry and the only equipment available today that has the ability to cover an entire traffic lane width, while traveling at highway speeds and simultaneously collecting data at an ultra-high scan rate sufficient to identify small subsurface features such as delaminations in bridge decks.

Non-Destructive Testing of Bridge Decks


Infrared Thermography

Penetradar's state of the art ThermaMap IRT inspection system utilizes the most advanced IR camera technology and records radiometric data for each pixel meaning better calibration and optimization in post processing by incorporating the correct temperature range that corresponds to delaminated locations and ultimately increased reliability of detections.

Video Imaging

Visual Plan-View maps of bridge decks are created from the high-resolution video capture which shows patching, marked out locations and other surface features. The zoomed in section shows the detail that the camera picked up by showing the dimensions and contours of the patches. This visual map is an integral asset to improving the GPR & IRT results.