November 13, 2018

Railway Ballast Project in France

Penetradar performed nondestructive testing (NDT) in France (the project site) to provide a solution to the problem of buried obstacles existing in the ballast that could hamper the production of ballast renewal machines. Penetradar recommended use of its ground penetrating radar (GPR) system for the survey and identified various antennas that may be suitable for the tests--two air-coupled antennas and a ground-coupled antenna. Additionally, Penetradar’s engineering team devised several specialized methodologies for testing and data analysis. A plan was developed to ascertain the efficacy of the antennas in identifying buried obstacles in ballast by using the various data collection methods. After data collection, analysis, and mapping of the detections, Penetradar provided its recommendations.
October 29, 2018

Multi-Frequency Antenna Array – Pavement Layer Thickness

One of the main applications of Ground Penetrating Radar is for determining pavement layer thickness. Penetradar Corporation incorporates a multi-frequency antenna array in pavement layer thickness surveys to aid in the analysis by providing detailed GPR data at various depths. The pavement depth profile plot below shows the advantage of the multi-frequency antenna array and its ability to measure thickness of both very thin pavement layers and layers at greater depths. The depth profile plot above shows the same pavement section evaluated by three different antennas in the array. The 2 GHz antenna provides a higher resolution at shallower depths […]
October 29, 2018

SHRP-2 Tunnel Inspection in Oregon

Penetradar recently submitted a SHRP-2 Tunnel Liner Inspection report to the Oregon DOT. The inspection included 3 tunnels, the twin Vista Ridge and Tooth Rock, near Portland. The liners were inspected utilizing GPR, Infrared Thermography and High Resolution Imaging, to produce quantitative information, including deterioration, moisture content and voids. Hammer soundings were performed at a height of six feet along the tunnel liners, GPR correlated 67% or 26/39 of delaminated areas found by the soundings in the Tooth Rock concrete liner. The scenery was amazing also.
October 29, 2018

Multiple IRIS Systems Shipped to Saudi Arabia & Mexico

Penetradar recently shipped two systems out to our clients in Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The IRIS-L single channel system equipped with a 1ns air-coupled antenna was delivered to our client in Saudi Arabia, with onsite training to be completed in early October by Penetradar staff. An IRIS-3 multi-channel system including the industries only 2ns air-coupled antenna, 1ns air-coupled antenna and a 3/4ns air-coupled antenna was delivered to our client in Mexico City. The combination of these 3 antennas allows the user to accurately map pavement thickness and deterioration, from thin layers (3/4ns) to deeper penetration up to 2 meters (2ns) […]
October 29, 2018

GPR Inspection of 52 Bridge Decks in Central New York

Penetradar completed a Ground Penetrating Radar survey of 52 bridge decks in New York State Region 6, the data was collected in 2 days utilizing our IRIS 4-channel system. A visual underside inspection was performed on each bridge to assist in the determination of overall deck deterioration. Plan-view mappings will be provided to the DOT with location and overall percentage of delamination.
May 18, 2018

NDT Inspection of Large Bridge Decks

Collecting information on the condition of large and complex bridge decks by conventional means can be difficult and present safety concerns for inspectors and the public. Ground penetrating radar is a technology that solves this problem. Penetradar Corporation specializes in the inspection of large and complex bridge decks with our patented ground penetrating radar (GPR) four antenna array which allows simultaneous collection of radar data across a twelve foot lane in one pass. Four channels of radar data are collected with the same distance referencing eliminating inconsistencies in distance correlation between radar passes which are a problem associated with single […]
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