Specializing in non-destructive testing of pavement, bridge decks and concrete structures



Non-Destructive Testing Methods


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

The Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS) Ground Penetrating Radar System can accurately and non-destructively “see” through solid pavement materials, such as asphalt and concrete while detecting bridge deck delaminations (laminar fracturing) voids and moisture beneath pavements and measures the thickness of asphalt pavement layers.

For site inspections Penetradar TSG uses portable IRIS GPR equipment with air-coupled or ground coupled antennas for a depth range up to approximately 10 feet. In addition to concrete & pavement inspection we conduct geotechnical & environmental surveys to locate buried pipes, utility lines and detect buried drums.



Infrared Thermography (IRT)

Infrared Thermography (IRT) is a non-destructive technique that detects delaminations in reinforced concrete bridge decks, pavements and structures by measuring the thermal conduction/radiation characteristics of the concrete. Delaminated concrete regions absorb and radiate thermal energy at different rates than surrounding concrete and this differential is measured by the Infrared receiver. We utilized a computer based IRT processing system for acquisition, annotation, image editing and plan-view color output mapping.



High Resolution Imaging (HRI)

Penetradar can provide a high resolution (up to 4K) video record of highways and bridge deck surface conditions. Images are referenced utilizing DMI and GPS coordinates and results are presented in a plan-view format.

Penetradar's specialized software converts the high resolution video into “plan-view” images by taking individual portions of each video image to recreate a top-view image of the bridge deck. In this way, deck dimensions, the locations and size of detections are accurately preserved and in addition, this method reduces time on-site and minimizes the requirement for lane closures.






Utility Line & Pipe Location



Since 1985 Penetradar Technical Services Group has specialized in non-destructive testing of pavement, bridge decks and concrete structures. To date, we have conducted inspections in over 30 states on hundreds of projects com-prising millions of square feet of bridge decks and thousands of lane-miles of pavement. Call us for assistance on your next project.


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