Veterans Memorial Bridge
February 3, 2017
Elmwood Avenue Bridge
February 3, 2017

Ground Penetrating Radar Inspection of I-85 Pavement Between Spartanburg and Gaffney, South Carolina

A section of Interstate 85 pavement, located between Spartansburg and Gaffney, SC was inspected using ground penetrating radar (GPR). The objective of the survey was the measurement of the in-situ asphalt pavement thickness. The inspection consisted of a total of 90.2 lane-miles of I-85 pavement. For this inspection, the Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS), a vehicular based GPR Inspection system installed with an array of four one nanosecond (1GHz) air-coupled (non-contacting) antennas, was used for the GPR test. Detailed results included a discussion of GPR results for the north and southbound lanes, excel spreadsheet data and plan-view CAD map-pings in .dxf format detailing the asphalt thickness measurements.

Following the completion of the data collection, the data were analyzed for total thickness of the asphalt layers. Detailed pavement thickness results are documented in four separate spreadsheet (excel) files. The excel files include the northbound or southbound thickness results; each being labeled according to their station locations. Thickness measurements from the GPR survey were presented on a five foot longitudinal interval and follow the same format, in relation to location and size, as the plan-view DXF map. Specifically, the thickness measurements use similar reference marks to assist in correlating the two data sets.


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