The new IRIS GPR Software for Windows is a comprehensive software package developed specially for the Penetradar IRIS family of products. It features real-time Windows based radar data acquisition, data display and signal processing modules. With Penetradar’s IRIS Software for Windows, it is easy to display, process and analyze GPR data.

The IRIS GPR Software stores several hours of radar data directly on disk for processing and analysis, while simultaneously displaying raw radar waveforms. Complete automatic processing capability is provided for bridge deck and pavement inspection applications including delamination detection in concrete decks and multi-layer thickness measurement on pavements.


RADAR DATA ACQUISITION (RDA) is designed to manage real-time collection, viewing and storage of radar data in IRIS GPR systems.

IRISDAQ data acquisition, multi-view software offers features and performance that are similar to the RDA software but also provides multiple viewing formats from up to 4 channels of IRIS radar data.


COLORPRO color profile software is a combined display and analysis program which displays acquired raw radar data in a colorized and/or gray-scale format, showing signal amplitude as color bands versus signal transit time and distance traveled.

WAVEPRO software is a combined display and analysis program developed to measure GPR signal characteristics, including power level and signal voltage.

FOCUSCELL is an imaging analysis program, that is used with Penetradar contacting and hand-held antennas to produces subsurface “radar images”. This software will produce a series of 2D depth slices at a user defined depth range to identify conduit and rebar in concrete, pipes and utilities as well as many other subsurface objects.


IRIS MAPPING software is used to create a plan-view, colorized mappings of processed radar passes. Subsequent to analysis of GPR data with ColorPro, WavePro or other Penetradar analysis programs, plan-view mappings of subsurface features and detections can be made when parallel GPR passes are analyzed.

COMPUSCOPE waveform display program is used for viewing previously acquired raw radar data files in an “oscilloscope” format. The radar waveforms can be displayed by continuous scrolling or manually stepping through the data file at various playback speeds in a forward or reverse direction.