Penetradar Corporation has been serving the engineering community for over 40 years, specializing in the development, manufacture and application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for the nondestructive evaluation of the civil and transportation infrastructure, and for geotechnical and subsurface environmental investigations.


We are the oldest organization dedicated to the development and application of Ground Penetrating Radar technology for pavement and bridge deck evaluation. We invented the air-coupled (non-contacting) GPR antenna, which made high-speed pavement and bridge deck evaluation possible, and we are the leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar for highway pavement & bridge deck evaluation, with over 75 pavement inspection GPR systems in use worldwide.


We have been instrumental in the development of GPR, IRT and other NDT methods for civil engineering applications under the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) C-101. Our GPR techniques have been adopted by AASHTO in standard TP-36 and by ASTM in D6087 for bridge deck condition evaluation. We have also developed the use of GPR for many other non-destructive applications such as pavement evaluation, which includes measurement of pavement layer thickness and detection of air-voids and moisture accumulation beneath pavements, and for the detection of underground utilities and UST's in environmental remediation, as well as for military and humanitarian land mine detection.


Penetradar’s Technical Services Group (TSG), the consulting services branch of Penetradar Corporation has conducted NDT inspection projects in over 35 US states, Canada, Europe and Asia. We are the world leader in GPR bridge deck and pavement inspection services inspecting over 50 million square feet of bridge deck area and thousands of lane-miles of pavement. Penetradar is the only organization offering full lane, high speed GPR inspections in the United States.